Cyber Essentials Webinars – How to get certified

DCI Cyber Essentials’ webinar programme provides organisations with an excellent opportunity to find out more about cyber security, and understand how to protect your organisation from cyber threats.

As part of helping organisations understand Cyber Essentials further we host a series of webinars which are free to attend for anyone looking to find out more.


What will I learn from the DCI Cyber Essentials Webinar?

  • How easily bad actors can circumvent your security systems if you’re not protected
  • How poor cyber security can damage your reputation and cost you business
  • How Cyber Essentials certification can help you win MOD tenders
  • What the steps are to become Cyber Essentials certified
  • Best practice to keep your organisation safe online.

Why is Cyber Essentials important for Defence Procurement?

Cyber Essentials training and certification is critical for businesses looking to supply into the defence market. In the UK the Ministry of Defence has mandated that any business looking to do business with the MOD that involves the transfer of identifiable information must be Cyber Essentials certified. This requirement is met where a business has obtained either Cyber Essentials or the Cyber Essentials Plus variant.

Cyber Essentials and the MOD - What do I need to know before tendering?

As mentioned above Cyber essentials is a mandatory requirement when working with the Ministry of defence in capacities where there is a requirement to transfer data. What business need to know is that when tendering for defence procurement with the MOD you must have the relevant level of Cyber Essentials certification in place before going into tender. Any business without Cyber Essentials won't be able to win defence contract opportunities.

To help businesses understand this clearer our DCI business intelligence solution for finding defence contract opportunities identifies which contracts require this through our market leading search functionality so as a DCI user you are made aware of the need for Cyber Essentials before bidding.